[TRANS] 160212 Boyfriend Official Twitter Update

Boyfriend’s Youngmin, the birth of the international ‘Kind Idol’.. foreign news (source : OSEN | Naver TV Entrertainment) me.do/GpXA3YXH #Boyfriend #Youngmin

Boy group Boyfriend’s member Youngmin drew the attention of a fan in an action of courtesy. The foreign media showed a great interest in these “kind actions” made by Youngmin. This ocassion will remain in the fan as the kindest heart situation.

Boyfriend participated in ‘K-POP PARTY 2016’ held in Australia 7 days ago. After the concert they went to Sydney airport to take a flight to coming back (to South Korea) meanwhile Youngmin greeted and talked with some fans. In particular, this situation of Youngmin with Chinese fans which can be seen through a quick video with scenes of him preventing the girl to be hitted by the car that was coming closer.

The home video of Youngmin’s ‘kind hands’ was announced with a lot of attention in the online community of SNS, also in overseas such as weibo in China and other foreign media showing interest in the kind behavior of Youngmin . This has been already announced in several international media, including United States, China, Indonesia and Taiwan. As courtesy from the kpop star media, the entertainment media has been giving him the headlines as a reward for his good manners.

Even when there are many things going on in the musical performances and reviews from the foreign kpop star media, the case of Youngmin is truly rare. In consequence of Youngmin’s actions through the video, Boyfriend has gained more international interest.

Cr: G_BoyFriend | osen | Trans by youngmar4

~mirrorprince for BF AUS


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