[TRANS] 160304 Sistar’s Bora made a phone call with BOYFRIEND’S JEONGMIN in V App

Bora: (reading in the comments) Boyfriend?
Bora: Then, let’s do it this way.
Bora: Our Bboi- Our Bopeu too, I have to take care of our Bopeu too
Bora: Since I also have to take care of them, I’ll try and call them now
Who do you think I’m calling~
Bora: /calling out names of fans in the comments/
Bora/JM: Hello?
Bora: Jeongmin-ah~
JM: Yes noona
Bora: Hi~?
JM: Yes, hello!
Bora: What are you doing?
JM: I’m reading a book
Bora: Book?
JM: Yes
Bora: Book?!
JM: …yes
Bora: Reading?
JM: Yeah, reading
Bora: Jeongmin-ah, I’m doing V App right now
JM: Oh really?
Bora: Yeah. Quickly, say your greetings
JM: Ah~ No wonder why you called when you normally don’t
Bora: *Laughs*
JM: So you were doing this
Bora: Yes-
JM: Hello V App viewers! I’m Boyfriend’s Jeongmin!
Bora: /cheers/
JM: Are you doing V App alone?
Bora: Yeah, alone
JM: It must be hard to make it flow by yourself though?
Bora: Hmm? I think I’m doing a good job though? Am I not?
JM: Really?
Bora: Yeah
Bora: You-
JM: Since that’s a live broadcast
Bora: Yes it’s live
JM: You might not know what to do
Bora: I really like it though? /laughs/
JM: Is that so? Then it fits you well noona
Bora: Then, Jeongmin-ah! Tell us what you’ve been doing these days
JM: Yes, I…
JM: I’m continuously writing songs and while working hard on the songs, now, we’re currently preparing for our new album too.
JM: Also… I’m also sharing/giving my songs to my good friends
Bora: OOOOH~!👍
Bora: You’re really-
Bora: Jeongminnie is continuously blossoming right now, everyone
JM: Yes, I am working very hard
JM: Noona, where are you having the broadcast (V App)?
Bora: At the company, 5th floor
JM: 5th floor?
Bora: Yeah
JM: Ah!
Bora: Yes, I am doing it here
JM: Ahh~
Bora: Then, just until here- Please go on with your reading
JM: Yes- Ah! Then,  should I read you a good part?
Bora: Yeah sure! Let’s hear it
JM: I am currently reading the concept of the book
Bora: Let’s hear it, go on
JM: It’s about love that has already passed.
Bora: Yes
JM: A girl broke up with someone. But the emotion that she is feeling,
Bora: Yes
JM: To the girl, the love which has already passed, became a compass (to her life) which she is thankful for
JM: That’s it. It’s nice, right noona?
Bora: It’s very nice
JM: Please write a song about a compass
Bora: Compass?
JM: Yes, with compass, please do write (a song)
Bora: Then- Okay, call! I will
JM: Alright
Bora: I’m not sure if there are people who can relate to it but, I definitely do
JM: Oh really?
Bora: Yeah!
JM: Ooooh~
Bora: Yes, I can relate to it
Bora: Together, let’s-
JM: Let’s do it together noona
Bora: Should we try composing a song together?
JM: Yeah, I’m going to 5th floor later
Bora: Ah really?! Then, let’s see each other later
JM: Yeah, see you later!
Bora: Alright
JM: Work hard noona!
Bora: Yea, bye~!
JM: Bye!
Bora: Just like this~ Hmm~
Bora: Our BOYFRIEND Jeongminnie~
Bora: What’s up with today~
Bora: It’s good, right? It’s fun, right? It’s fun doing it like this, right?

trans: @beatrooot/youngmineekkeo
Please take out with FULL credits.


~mirrorprince for BF AUS


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