[TRANS] 160403 Boyfriend Official Twitter Update



G_BoyFriend #BOYFRIEND is currently on a Busan trip!!! Later, we will breifly reveal BOYFRIEND’s Busan trip through Starship’s channel on Naver V App! Please do the broadcast with us😁🙏 #VApp #V앱

vid trans:
DH: Yes everyone, we are in Busan
DH: In approximately 10 minutes, we are going to surprisingly reveal something and also start our V App broadcast so
KM/YM: Yes
DH: Please come over~
YM: V App~
JM: We hope that a lot of you will watch!
MW: See you in 10 minutes~
HS: Come over x2
JM: V App!
YM: V~
KM: V!

trans: youngmineekkeo/@beatrooot | source: g_boyfriend
please take out with FULL credits.

~mirrorprince for BF AUS


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