[News/Trans] 160505 BOYFRIEND, to have a surprise release of a fan-song as celebration for their 5th debut anniversary ‘Certified fools for fans’

Boy group BOYFRIEND has prepared a surprise present for the fans.

On the night of the 4th, BOYFRIEND’s agency Starship Entertainment has posted ‘2016.05.26 PM 12:00 BOYFRIEND – To My Best Friend! COMING SOON’ post through their official SNS account along with a coming soon photo. In the released photo, with the blue sky and the sea as the background, the BOYFRIEND members’ back view can be seen. Especially, their waving arms and having both of their arms up in the sky etc., their bright and cheerful selves catches the eye.

Their agency stated, “On the coming 26th, BOYFRIEND will release a fan-song for the fans to celebrate their 5th debut anniversary. This fan-song is filled with affection towards the fans who have been with BOYFRIEND for a long period of time and supporting them. With this song, memberJEONGMIN have personally participated in producing the song.” In particular, this fan-song will be released after a year and 2 months since the release of their 4th mini album ‘BOYFRIEND in Wonderland’ last year in March. And because of their frequent overseas promotions, they weren’t able to meet their Korean fans frequently. It’s anticipated for the song to soothe the hearts of the Korean fans.

trans: youngmineekkeo/@beatrooot | source: herald pop
please take out with FULL credits.
~mirrorprince for BF AUS

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