[Boy Island] – Our First Story : Goods Sale Information

Goods package information
Goods contents: Making photobook, postcard set, slogan, mini poster, polaroid set
Sale venue: Sungshin University Mia Unjeong Green Campus Auditorium
Sale time period: 1st batch) 2016 May 21, 12~3PM / 2nd batch) After the fanmeeting **will not be up for sale after the day of the fanmeeting.
Price: 45,000 won **Only cash payments.

Since the fanmeeting goods are LIMITED EDITION
information about refunds, exchanges and other notices are also included in this post. So please see the information below.

Refunds, exchanges and other notices
1. Refund simply due to change of mind is not allowed.
2. In the case of defective goods, refund and exchange is possible, so please do check whether the product is defected upon receiving the product.
3. Defected products can only be refunded and/or exchanged on the day, at the venue.
4. As the merchandise stall for the day may get busy, please follow the instructions of the staff in charge.

trans: youngmineekkeo/@beatrooot | source: bfofficialfancafe
please take out with FULL credits.
~mirrorprince for BF AUS

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