[News] 160602 BOYFRIEND, Japanese single ‘GLIDER’ rises to the top of Tower Records∙Oricon

BOYFRIEND has topped the Japanese daily chart and Oricon chart, showing off their unchanging popularity.

BOYFRIEND, who recently resumed their Japanese activities after 2 years, released ‘GLIDER’ on June 1st. Their company Starship Entertainment stated, “BOYFRIEND’s single album ‘GLIDER’ immediately placed first after its release on Tower Records’s (Japan’s biggest record sign) daily overall chart for all branches/stores. We thank the fans for their support and we will repay you with a more hardworking image.” Also, it has been recorded that ‘GLIDER’ ranked #3 on the daily chart of Japan’s biggest music site ‘Oricon’ which calculates the overall sales of albums, informing us of their splendid return.

Japan’s best hit maker ‘Inoue Yoshimasa’ have participated in producing ‘GLIDER’, which BOYFRIEND has released after 2 years, garnering attention. It’s a powerful song with it’s mood reminiscent of early summer, blended with BOYFRIEND’s unique and refreshing vocals.

trans: youngmineekkeo/@beatrooot | source: sportsworld
please take out with FULL credits.

~mirroprrince for BF AUS


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