[TRANS – STAFF DIARY] 160522 5th Debut Anniversary Fanmeeting [Boy Island] ‪#‎Staywithus_tomorrow_too‬

I’m BOYFRIEND’s Fanclub representative.

BOYFRIEND’s first fanmeeting [Boy Island – Our First Story]
That happened on May 21st, in Sungshin University Auditorium
Thanks to BESTFRIENDs, it has ended with great success 🙂

Thank you to all the fans who came and
And to fans who weren’t able to come but are always cherishing BOYFRIEND
and giving them love,
We sincerely thank you as well.

While preparing for the first fanmeeting, since it’s the (first) fanmeeting in 5 years..
What kind of fun stories would they make with the fans
After thinking about it a lot with the members, they have prepared various events but
Will it be a fanmeeting that all the fans will be satisfied with, we had many thoughts.

With this fanmeeting as a start, for BESTFRIEND and BOYFRIEND
We are planning to arrange many locations (to meet), so please look forward for a special place a lot!!

And! On midnight of May 26th ,
The song that is just for BESTFRIENDs, which will be released on their debut day.
“I’ll Promise” will be released. We hope you anticipate it a lot!

The truth that BOYFRIEND exists since the fans exist! You all know it, right?
Just like now, please support BOYFRIEND in the future too 🙂

Thank you to all BESTFRIENDs who read this long post.

#BOYFRIEND #BESTFRIEND ##Staywithus_tomorrow_too‬

I will upload the full version of the event video that was uploaded on Instagram!
For always walking together with us, we thank you sincerely.

trans: youngmineekkeo/@beatrooot | source: bfofficialfancafe
please take out with FULL credits.
~mirrorprince for BF ASUS

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