[TRANS] 160706 Jiggybros Jungwan Yu Instagram Update with YOUNGMIN

@jiggybros Again, at Nicky’s Chicken Restaurant! Father (the old man who works there) now calls me his son, Sorry Nicky, Now you gained another hyung who’s oldㅋㅋㅋㅋ Bopeu’s Youngmin and Baek Jireong-nim’s* warm sunbae-hoobae singers meeting~ And ‘I See Your Voice’ Baek Jiyoung’s dance teacher Wonmi noona~ㅋ It was such a fun time~ #jiggybros #BoyfriendYoungmin #HoobaeSinger #BopeuMinwooDidntCome #NoMinwooTraitor #BaekJiyoungDanceTeacher #ImNotTaggingJiyoungNoonaㅋㅋ #JiyoungNoonaIsntActingPrettyShesAlwaysBeenPretty

*I have a feeling he made a typo, I think it’s supposed to be Baek Jiyoungㅋ

trans: youngmineekkeo/@beatrooot | source: jiggybros
please take out with FULL credits.

~mirrorprince for BF AUS


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