[TRANS] 160913 Boyfriend Official Twitter Update – Chuseok Special Message

@G_BoyFriend [#BOYFRIEND] Chuseok video message sent by #Boyfriend💌💕 Have an abundant and happy Chuseok (Thanksgiving) with Boyfriend! 🙌👍🤗

vid trans:
BF: I’m your Boyfriend! Hi, we’re Boyfriend!
DH: Chuseok has arrived for this year as well!
BF: Wow~!
DH: We’re really happy to be able to greet everyone like this and
HS: Uh-huh
DH: Us 6 are healthy and happy
BF: Yes
DH: Everyone is healthy too, right?
YM: Ah yes, everyone is healthy too
DH: Without a fail, this type of reaction for 5 years…
HS: Didn’t change at all
KM: I like this type of reaction
DH: Yes, like this, we’re doing well without any change
KM/YM: Of course
DH: This Chuseok, eat lots of delicious food with your family and we hope that you spend a happy time.
DH: Also, while looking at our full moon (Jeongmin)
HS: Did you make a wish?
MW: I did
DH: We’ll also come to you for next year, so we hope that you also anticipate Boyfriend a lot and give us love to us next year too. Thank you!
BF: Bye~

trans: youngmineekkeo/@beatrooot | source: g_boyfriend
please take out with FULL credits.

~mirrorprince for BF AUS


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