[News] 161118 BOYFRIEND Donghyun · Jo Poong-rae · Go Eunsung, musical ‘Romeo and Juliet’ Casting

From actor Jo Poong-rae, Go Eunsung, and even Boyfriend’s Donghyun, they are meeting the audience through ‘Romeo and Juliet’.

Kim Su-ro Project 20th musical ‘Romeo and Juliet’’s lineup has been released.

The musical ‘Romeo and Juliet’ borrows the plot of the original piece by Shakespeare, who’s having his 400th death year anniversary, into an adaptation. It’s a creative musical filled with stories about mutations and human’s sad love that occurred after the nuclear war. It has a strong rock sound music, visual, and it’s also filled with stylish choreography while being dynamic.

As the 20th piece of ‘Kim Su-ro Project, he who received recognition as a hit-maker representative of the performing field, from Kim Su-ro is participating as the art director.

For the role of Romeo who’s finding the reason of his existence after meeting and falling in love with Juliet as a wandering mutated boy, Jo Poong-rae and Boyfriend’s Donghyun has been casted. Go Eunsung, who participated in JTBC ‘Phantom Singer’ and musical ‘Interview’, ‘Wicked’ etc, was also casted, showing a 3 people, 3 colour ‘Romeo’.

*Only parts of the article are translated

trans: youngmineekkeo/@beatrooot | source: xportsnews
please take out with FULL credits.

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