[News] 161114 BOYFRIEND Jeongmin, one of the artists who participated vocally in Lel’s First Full Album ‘를’의 작업실 (Lel’s Workroom)

Besides the title track ‘아른거리다’, a variety of musicians have vocally participated in the 14 songs that are included in the album, including 2PM Jang Wooyoung, JUN.K, BOYFRIEND Jeongmin, Twin9 Ma Suhye, Hwang Sooyoung, Lish, Anna, Super Kiro, Rapper Wizil, etc. The songs he (Lel) sang himself ‘잘지내니’ & ‘푸른안개’ etc, are songs that you’ll be able to feel closely more than Lel’s emotions.

The song in which Jeongmin participated in is ‘마음의 종이 (Paper Heart)’. Listen to it on Melon: HERE

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[News/Trans] 160918 Starship, ‘Vintage Box’ Project… Classic Indie Music Remake


Starship Entertainment is planning to have an Indie music collaboration project this coming September.

On the 12th, Starship revealed a photo with the words “[VINTAGE BOX PROJECT]” on their official SNS.

On the released photo, it has the words ‘VINTAGE BOX SEPTEMBER 2016′ with a man giving a gift box to a woman, stimulating curiosity even further.

Starship’s stated, “’VINTAGE BOX’ is a win-win project where classic songs that received a lot of love in the Korean Indie music scene will be reinterpreted with Starship Artists and release a remake digital single, while letting people know of the Indie scene’s hidden skilled artists and diversify the Korean music industry. At the moment, voicing out intentions about doing a remake with 브로콜리너마저 (Broccoli you too), 가을방학 (Fall Vacation), 스탠딩에그 (Standing Egg), 어쿠루브 (ACOURVE), 커피소년 (Coffeeboy), 빌리어코스티 (Bily Acoustie), etc. have been completed.” Additionally they stated, “Furthermore, an artwork series is planned to be completed with Illustrator Kim Jungyoon who possesses a large fan base. We hope for your great interest and anticipation.”

While Starship Entertainment is the company who manages K.Will, SISTAR,BOYFRIEND, Junggigo, Mad Clown, Jooyoung, Yu Seungwoo, Monsta X, Brother Su, WJSN, #Gun’s activities as entertainers, the trend of having domestic collaborations will be lead by its subsidiary, Starship X. In relation to this move, it is anticipated that the attention of the industry will be focused into this.

Starship’s Vintage Box Project is expected to begin in September.

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[News/Trans] 160630 ‘PESTE’ BOYFRIEND Jeongmin “The realisation hasn’t hit me that I am participating in a Seo Taiji musical, I’m in trouble”


Group BOYFRIEND Jeongmin has conveyed his thoughts in participating in the musical ‘PESTE’.

On the afternoon of the 30th at Seongdong-gu Di Nozze Convention where the press conference of the musical ‘PESTE’ took place, Jeongmin spoke about his thoughts about becoming a part of the production, saying ’The realisation hasn’t hit me’.

He revealed, “When they said that I made it in the musical, I thought ‘Ah, so I’m doing a musical’” and “I went to the practice room and read the script and was practicing when I wanted to say ‘I’m in big trouble’.

Continuing on, he stated, “It’s because the hyung, noona actors and actresses (in this musical) are really good, and there are a lot of cool actors so, I felt that I have to work hard without being an inconvenience.”

To the fans, Jeongmin also added, “Please give our musical ‘PESTE’ lots of love and it’s an honour for me to be able to do this along with good actors. Thank you.”

Kim Dahyun, god Son Hoyoung, Park Eunseok, Oh Soyeon, Fiesta Linzy, Kim Dohyun, Yoon Hyungryul, Kim Suyong, Jo Hwi, Jo Hyunggyun, BOYFRIEND Jeongmin, Park Junhee, Hwang Seokjung, Kim Eunjung, Lee Jungian, etc are participating in the musical. On the coming July 22nd, it’s 2 month run will begin in Seoul LG Art Centre.

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[News] 160602 BOYFRIEND, Japanese single ‘GLIDER’ rises to the top of Tower Records∙Oricon

BOYFRIEND has topped the Japanese daily chart and Oricon chart, showing off their unchanging popularity.

BOYFRIEND, who recently resumed their Japanese activities after 2 years, released ‘GLIDER’ on June 1st. Their company Starship Entertainment stated, “BOYFRIEND’s single album ‘GLIDER’ immediately placed first after its release on Tower Records’s (Japan’s biggest record sign) daily overall chart for all branches/stores. We thank the fans for their support and we will repay you with a more hardworking image.” Also, it has been recorded that ‘GLIDER’ ranked #3 on the daily chart of Japan’s biggest music site ‘Oricon’ which calculates the overall sales of albums, informing us of their splendid return.

Japan’s best hit maker ‘Inoue Yoshimasa’ have participated in producing ‘GLIDER’, which BOYFRIEND has released after 2 years, garnering attention. It’s a powerful song with it’s mood reminiscent of early summer, blended with BOYFRIEND’s unique and refreshing vocals.

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[News/Trans] 160519 BOYFRIEND, releases photobook that if full of freshness prior to their fan song release on the 26th

Boy group BOYFRIEND (Youngmin Kwangmin, Minwoo, Donghyun, Hyunseong, Jeongmin) showed off their free-spirited nature through a photoshoot.

On the 18th, they have released 2 photoshoot cuts along with the post ‘BOYFRIEND ‘Boy Island’ Photobook Preview’ through BOYFRIEND’s official SNS account, which drew hot responses from the online community. Their company Starship Entertainment stated, “To celebrate their 5th debut anniversary, the photobook that has been prepared for the fans was taken with the concept of the BOYFRIEND members’ friendship trip. We hope for a lot of support and love as much as they’ve prepared for it, putting all the thankfulness the members have for the fans.” In the photoshoot with the beautiful Jejudo scenery as the background, the members have shown their refreshing charms, which is gathering attention.

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