[News/Trans] 160918 Starship, ‘Vintage Box’ Project… Classic Indie Music Remake


Starship Entertainment is planning to have an Indie music collaboration project this coming September.

On the 12th, Starship revealed a photo with the words “[VINTAGE BOX PROJECT]” on their official SNS.

On the released photo, it has the words ‘VINTAGE BOX SEPTEMBER 2016′ with a man giving a gift box to a woman, stimulating curiosity even further.

Starship’s stated, “’VINTAGE BOX’ is a win-win project where classic songs that received a lot of love in the Korean Indie music scene will be reinterpreted with Starship Artists and release a remake digital single, while letting people know of the Indie scene’s hidden skilled artists and diversify the Korean music industry. At the moment, voicing out intentions about doing a remake with 브로콜리너마저 (Broccoli you too), 가을방학 (Fall Vacation), 스탠딩에그 (Standing Egg), 어쿠루브 (ACOURVE), 커피소년 (Coffeeboy), 빌리어코스티 (Bily Acoustie), etc. have been completed.” Additionally they stated, “Furthermore, an artwork series is planned to be completed with Illustrator Kim Jungyoon who possesses a large fan base. We hope for your great interest and anticipation.”

While Starship Entertainment is the company who manages K.Will, SISTAR,BOYFRIEND, Junggigo, Mad Clown, Jooyoung, Yu Seungwoo, Monsta X, Brother Su, WJSN, #Gun’s activities as entertainers, the trend of having domestic collaborations will be lead by its subsidiary, Starship X. In relation to this move, it is anticipated that the attention of the industry will be focused into this.

Starship’s Vintage Box Project is expected to begin in September.

*one part of the article was not translated

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