[PIC] 161121 「BOYFRIEND “Jackpot” Release Showcase」 last 3rd of November


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[TRANS] 161117 Web Drama ‘The Miracle’ Instagram Update

@drama_themiracle The title is in the works^^
You have to give it lots of love once it gets released~!!!😘

#더미라클 #themiracle #title #iHQ #BPM

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[From. Donghyun♥] BF&BF 2000

Without realising it, 2000 days have gone by
For 2000 days, though it’s such a pity, the time we were able to meet you all was not much, but those times became the most precious memory in my life and I was able to progress more and it was a driving force that gave me strength.
This just means that there’s this longing/fondness that I can not express with the words thank you and sorry^^
Same goes for our Bepeus, right?
Us too, the 6 of us will always become one and work hard to only show you a good image in the future too, without the fading of the memories. So just like now, please support us.
Thank you our Bepeus, The weather is really cold so be careful not to catch a cold and let’s see each other more and make lots of good time/memories next year ♡

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[TRANS] 161115 Minwoo Personal Instagram Update

@boyminwoo_ Being happy with us and supporting us
While being by our side no matter what happens
Thanks to our Bepeus, I’m very happyㅎㅎㅎ
Thank you everyone and I love you❤️
#boyfriend #bestfriend #2000thDay #IReallyMissYouㅠㅠ

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[News] 161114 BOYFRIEND Jeongmin, one of the artists who participated vocally in Lel’s First Full Album ‘를’의 작업실 (Lel’s Workroom)

Besides the title track ‘아른거리다’, a variety of musicians have vocally participated in the 14 songs that are included in the album, including 2PM Jang Wooyoung, JUN.K, BOYFRIEND Jeongmin, Twin9 Ma Suhye, Hwang Sooyoung, Lish, Anna, Super Kiro, Rapper Wizil, etc. The songs he (Lel) sang himself ‘잘지내니’ & ‘푸른안개’ etc, are songs that you’ll be able to feel closely more than Lel’s emotions.

The song in which Jeongmin participated in is ‘마음의 종이 (Paper Heart)’. Listen to it on Melon: HERE

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