[TRANS] 160926 Web drama ‘The Miracle’ Instagram Update with DONGHYUN

DH: Hello, I’m Ban Haesung who’s 18. Please give The Miracle lots of love ♡

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[News] 160922 BOYFRIEND Donghyun · Sonamoo Nahyun · Hong Yoonhwa, casted for the mini drama ‘The Miracle’


Them who brought hit pieces ‘연애세포’ 악몽선생’ web dramas, and even the mobile movie ‘통 메모리즈’, iHQ is back with a new mini drama ‘The Miracle’.

The mini drama ’The Miracle’ that is scheduled to air during the second half of the year is about fraternal twin sisters who have the exact opposite appearance and personality. It is planned to draw various events that will arise when the commonly acknowledged best beauty girl group centre Kwon Si-ah and Kwon Siyeon who is an outcast with a chubby body and timid personality change bodies.

Although group Sonamoo’s Nahyun has the beauty of a goddess, she will play the role of Kwon Si-ah who has a rude personality and is the centre of the girl group ‘Miracle Girls’, while Hong Yoonhwa will play the role of Kwon Siyeon (older twin) who is a chubby lady who’s weight is close to 80kg and is an outcast in school; they will play the role of conflicting twin sisters.

Together with them, BOYFRIEND’s Donghyun has been casted to play the role of a genius idol musician, Ban Haesung, who writes, composes and even produce songs, and Hak Jin has been casted to play the role of Siyeon’s crush, Han Gyosuk of 5 beauties, a good looking high school student.

Nahyun and Donghyun who are currently promoting as singers, as idol musicians in the drama, it is anticipated for them to let us hear of their beautiful musical colour. With various attractions of the drama, it plans to collate the viewers’ attention. The drama is planned to air during the second half of the year.

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[TRANS] 151203 Boyfriend Official Twitter + Donghyun Personal InstagramUpdate

@G_Boyfriend The first broadcast for the app drama that #BOYFRIEND #Donghyun is participating in <1km Distance Between Us> will air on December 10, Thursday! Please look forward to it a lot! 🚶(You can watch it through the #HOTZIL APP.) #1km그와나의거리

@boy_e.black 1km Distance Between Us 12.10

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