[INFO] 150909 Based on ratings by TNMS Media Korea,KBS1 daily drama ‘Save The Family’ ranked 1st with 25.5% on Tuesday

List of TV ratings ranking for 9/8 Tuesday based on ratings provided by TNMS Media Korea

  1. Daily soap opera ’Save the Family’ [YM]
  2. KBS News 9
  3. Daily drama ‘Everything will be alright (다 잘될거야)’
  4. Morning drama ‘Eve’s Love’
  5. Daily morning soap opera ‘Mother is a daughter in law’
  6. SBS Daily Drama ’The Return of Hwang Geum Bok’
  7. Human theatre ‘KBS1’
  8. Daily soap opera ‘Great First Wives’
  9. MBC Daily Special show ‘A Daughter Just Like You’
  10. Monte drama ‘Mrs. Cop’
  11. KBS News Plaza Part 2
  12. 2018 Russia World Cup Asia Regional 2nd qualifying round ’S.Korea : Lebanon’
  13. TV Novel ’The Stars are Shining’
  14. SBS 8PM News
  15. 6PM My Hometown
  16. Morning forum
  17. KBS News 7
  18. Viewers column, the world we live in
  19. Mon-Tue Special show ’Splendid Politics’
  20. My Neighbour Charles

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