[TRANS] 161110 Boyfriend Official Twitter Update

@G_BoyFriend [#BOYFRIEND] #Minwoo & #Kwangmin & #Youngmin, The place they are in after being invited by a friend? Please check it out right now through #VApp! #95s #VApp #Boyfriend ▶️http://www.vlive.tv/video/16774

trans: youngmineekkeo/@beatrooot | source: g_boyfriend
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[TRANS] 160304 Sistar’s Bora made a phone call with BOYFRIEND’S JEONGMIN in V App

Bora: (reading in the comments) Boyfriend?
Bora: Then, let’s do it this way.
Bora: Our Bboi- Our Bopeu too, I have to take care of our Bopeu too
Bora: Since I also have to take care of them, I’ll try and call them now
Who do you think I’m calling~
Bora: /calling out names of fans in the comments/
Bora/JM: Hello?
Bora: Jeongmin-ah~
JM: Yes noona
Bora: Hi~?
JM: Yes, hello!
Bora: What are you doing?
JM: I’m reading a book
Bora: Book?
JM: Yes
Bora: Book?!
JM: …yes
Bora: Reading?
JM: Yeah, reading
Bora: Jeongmin-ah, I’m doing V App right now
JM: Oh really?
Bora: Yeah. Quickly, say your greetings
JM: Ah~ No wonder why you called when you normally don’t
Bora: *Laughs*
JM: So you were doing this
Bora: Yes-
JM: Hello V App viewers! I’m Boyfriend’s Jeongmin!
Bora: /cheers/
JM: Are you doing V App alone?
Bora: Yeah, alone
JM: It must be hard to make it flow by yourself though?
Bora: Hmm? I think I’m doing a good job though? Am I not?
JM: Really?
Bora: Yeah
Bora: You-
JM: Since that’s a live broadcast
Bora: Yes it’s live
JM: You might not know what to do
Bora: I really like it though? /laughs/
JM: Is that so? Then it fits you well noona
Bora: Then, Jeongmin-ah! Tell us what you’ve been doing these days
JM: Yes, I…
JM: I’m continuously writing songs and while working hard on the songs, now, we’re currently preparing for our new album too.
JM: Also… I’m also sharing/giving my songs to my good friends
Bora: OOOOH~!👍
Bora: You’re really-
Bora: Jeongminnie is continuously blossoming right now, everyone
JM: Yes, I am working very hard
JM: Noona, where are you having the broadcast (V App)?
Bora: At the company, 5th floor
JM: 5th floor?
Bora: Yeah
JM: Ah!
Bora: Yes, I am doing it here
JM: Ahh~
Bora: Then, just until here- Please go on with your reading
JM: Yes- Ah! Then,  should I read you a good part?
Bora: Yeah sure! Let’s hear it
JM: I am currently reading the concept of the book
Bora: Let’s hear it, go on
JM: It’s about love that has already passed.
Bora: Yes
JM: A girl broke up with someone. But the emotion that she is feeling,
Bora: Yes
JM: To the girl, the love which has already passed, became a compass (to her life) which she is thankful for
JM: That’s it. It’s nice, right noona?
Bora: It’s very nice
JM: Please write a song about a compass
Bora: Compass?
JM: Yes, with compass, please do write (a song)
Bora: Then- Okay, call! I will
JM: Alright
Bora: I’m not sure if there are people who can relate to it but, I definitely do
JM: Oh really?
Bora: Yeah!
JM: Ooooh~
Bora: Yes, I can relate to it
Bora: Together, let’s-
JM: Let’s do it together noona
Bora: Should we try composing a song together?
JM: Yeah, I’m going to 5th floor later
Bora: Ah really?! Then, let’s see each other later
JM: Yeah, see you later!
Bora: Alright
JM: Work hard noona!
Bora: Yea, bye~!
JM: Bye!
Bora: Just like this~ Hmm~
Bora: Our BOYFRIEND Jeongminnie~
Bora: What’s up with today~
Bora: It’s good, right? It’s fun, right? It’s fun doing it like this, right?

trans: @beatrooot/youngmineekkeo
Please take out with FULL credits.


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[VID/TRANS] 151202 Starship’s Family at V App Broadcast (Boyfriend’s Donghyun & Jeongmin, K.Will, Sistar’s Dasom, Yu Seungwoo and Brother Su) ~

They started the broadcast with only Jeongmin, Brother Su and Yu Seungwoo.. they said there is more and more people each year, Seungwoo said he was the youngest when he joined Starship also that everybody were always respectul with each other.. then Donghyun and Dasom joined them, they were remembering about the previous Christmas songs Pink Romance, White Love, they singed a little but when they got to Snow Candy they kind of stucked and K.Will showed up while singing the song. Next was Love is you, even Seungwoo sang a little hehe (he still wasn’t in the company when they released that song) Donghyun and Jeongmin made a quiz to K.Will so he could say the names of the members in Starship, as they said they are 24 now.. from Boyfriend he said Donghyun, Kwangmin and Jeongmin (those were the names I heard I don’t kno if he said more) he said from another group I think but I didn’t catched it (the broadcast was lagging a lot as usual XD)

At some point Donghyun and Jeongmin were in their own world while the rest were talking, they began to eat something haha don’t know what was that, they did some aegyo to the camera aaaa Jeongmin did a dance puff that was weird haha. The others made an acting, well that seemed like it hee Dasom even spiled a glass of water in front of the camera in a mad way ok she was acting 😉 They asked us to press the heart many times and also to give Softly a lot of love……

You can watch the video here through V app: http://www.vlive.tv/video/3804

via: youngmar4

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