[TRANS] 161024 Boyfriend Japan Official Twitter Update

@BF_JPN Today, at 12:30~Kpopstarz by AWA live broadcast, and 18:00~Lalaport TOKYO-BAY 「Jackpot」 release event! The live broadcast will start from 12:30, definitely watch!🕊 #BOYFRIEND #Jackpot

trans: youngmineekkeo/@beatrooot | source: bf_jpn
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[TRANS] 150303 Jeongmin commented on post on Instiz

저진짜이정민맞는데요+_+ : 심장이 빠운스~

I’mReallyLeeJeongmin+_+ : My heart bounce~

저진짜이정민맞는데요+_+ : 기대하시라능..+_+

I’mReallyLeeJeongmin+_+ : Look forward to it..+_+

저진짜이정민맞는데요+_+ : 안녕하세요+_+

I’mReallyLeeJeongmin+_+ : Hello+_+

저진짜이정민맞는데요+_+ : 내일부터 날씨 추워진대요 모두 감기조심하세요~!!

I’mReallyLeeJeongmin+_+ : Tomorrow the weather will be cold, everyone please be careful not to catch a cold~!!

http://instiz.net/music/79442 & http://www.instiz.net/pt/2765611

Trans: G_Girlfriend

~mirrorprince for BF AUS