[INFO] 150309 BOYFRIEND Characters from Alice in Wonderland for BOUNCE MV

Donghyun – Alice’s guide into Wonderland, Donghyun who transformed as the White Rabbit
Hyunseong – From Alice’s Blue dress to a blue shirt, Hyunseong who transformed as Male Alice
Jeongmin Card Soldier of the Queen’s Army
Youngmin & Kwangmin  Tweedledee & Tweedledum
Minwoo – Cute maknae who transformed into Mad Hatter

trans: youngmineekkeo/@beatrooot | source: melon
please take out with FULL credits.
~mirrorprince for BF AUS


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Artist Playlist | From BOYFRIEND Kwangmin
BOYFRIEND Kwangmin’s Play List

The exciting Friday night before the weekend that ends a week!
Hello I’m BOYFRIEND’s Kwangmin!!!!!!

I came here so that I can introduce to you all the song that I’ve been enjoying to listen to these days.
Since it’s my first time writing this type of post, it may be very awkward but, I want to listen to this good song together with everyone so I’m recommending it to you^^

Through the song called ‘Voice’ in which Junggigo hyung-nim sang together with this band, I was able to know of the artists called Sweden Laundry! Just like the title, the vocal parts of the song is really good and I think that’s the reason why I fell for this song! And among their songs too, the one that I like the most! The one I enjoy listening to the most!
The one I’m going to recommend to you today! The song is none other than~~~~ Sweden Laundry’s “No (안돼)”!
Just like in reality where we can see our own characteristics easily, with the meaning similar to that, it’s a song where the lyrics are very likeable.
Especially the lyric which I like the most ‘For me to grow over it, once again I’m covered by you’ it’s this part~ Though I still can’t completely understand what the lyrics actually mean but, that day where I’d be able to understand everything will eventually come, right?!! Tonight, everyone too, listen to the song together with me before you go to sleep, how does that sound?!^^
So, goodnight~ Byeee~~!

you can listen to the song: HERE

trans: youngmineekkeo  | source: bf melon channel
~mirrorprince for BF AUS

[TRANS/PIC] 141106 BOYFRIEND MelOn channel updated

날씨가 너무 추워졌죠? 다들 감기 조심하시구~
앞으로 남은 보이프렌드 “WITCH” 활동도 많이 사랑해주세요^^

The weather is so cold,right? Everyone, please be careful not to catch a cold~
And please give a lots of love to the remaining BOYFRIEND “WITCH” promotion too^^

Trans: G_Girlfriend


~mirrorprince for BF AUS