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[ENG|HD] Boyfriend – M!PICK Preview #Boyfriend5thAnniversary

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Whether you’re a Bestfriend or not, fans of Boyfriend will be celebrating the boys’ 5th anniversary on May 26, 2016! That’s exactly one month from now +_+!

Boyfriend is a six-member group comprising leader Donghyun, main vocal Hyunseong, mirror prince Jeongmin, charisma Youngmin, 4D Kwangmin and maknae Minwoo. Debuting with title song ’Boyfriend’ in 2011, you definitely would have heard of them if you’ve been a K-pop fan then. Their debut music video has clocked a whopping 22.2 million views to date, and their recent comebacks include ’Witch’ (2014) and ’Bounce’ (2015).


5 years is definitely a milestone for any group, and in celebration of that, I have embarked on a special project with @freestyle8x0 to re-subtitle their very first variety which they have also debuted through – M!PICK. Through this project, I hope old fans, new fans, passerbys, whoever and YOU can all enjoy a higher quality (720p) documentary which followed the six boys through their debut.

Episodes will be released every Thursday on babyybluebear2, with the last episode, episode 5 being released on May 26 2016. You can get notifications by following @babyybluebear on Twitter too! Join us, old fans and new fans alike, in witnessing 6 boys make their dreams come true. (Of course, you get a bonus, e.g. Coffee Prince parody…)

It’s worth a celebration whether or not you’re a fan, so spread the word, and spread the love!

Thank you 😀

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~mirrorprince for BF AUS