Jo Youngmin (조영민)

Name: Jo Youngmin (조영민, チョ・ヨンミン, 趙荣旻)
Nicknames: Golden Retriever, Charisma Prince, Left Chopstick, Ulzzang Twins
Position: Lead dancer, vocalist, visual
Birthday: April 24 1995 (Older twin)
Blood Type: A
Height: 180cm
Star Sign: Taurus
Family: Parents, younger twin (Kwangmin), younger brother (Jo HyunMin 1997)
Birth Place: Songpagu, Seoul
Education: Bangyi Elementary School (Songpa, Seoul), Bangyi Middle School (Songpa, Seoul), Seoul Performing Arts High School (Guro, Seoul)
Experience: Truth game(진실게임), The Warrior’s, Way (2010) All my love(몽땅내사랑)(2011)
Specialities: Dance, acting, Youngmin and Kwangmin had experience a lot of acting and performing since they were young, it been said that they had been in over 300 CFs. Training Period: 2 Years (JYP), 3 Years (STARSHIPent)


Facts & Quotes:
01. Youngmin is the older twin by 6 minutes.
02. Youngmin’s pride is very strong, the position of the leader suits him well. When in anger, he almost throws a tantrum
03. Kwangmin and Youngmin can’t do gag, their gags are not funny at all
04. When Youngmin is involved in something, he falls right into it. And he also have alot of charisma
05. He used to train under JYP Entertainment along with his brother, Kwangmin
06. Youngmin doesn’t know how to draw or paint
07. Youngmin is a 1st year student in Seoul School of Performing Arts along with members Kwangmin and Youngmin
08. Youngmin get to dye his hair prior to their debut – to tell the twins apart
09. Youngmin’s jawline is softer and more feminine.
10. Youngmin was the worst on Hyunsung birthday so he got punished
11. Youngmin has been in over 300 CFs along with his brother, Kwangmin
12. The twins name “YoungKwang” means “honor”
13. Youngmin gets more camera time than Kwangmin because Kwangmin is very shy.
14. The twins are scared of firecrackers
15. Youngmin was once asked out by a guy and he answered “I already have a boyfriend”
16. When he was a kid, he joined his school play as the lead character playing “Cinderella”
17. Youngmin said he really wanted to become a singer but he never realized that it was this hard to be one and he misses school a lot
18. Youngmin once shared a room with Kwangmin and Jeongmin at the dorm but they complain for it to be too quiet
19. Youngmin sleeps on the upper bunk with Donghyun on the lower bunk – and once, the top bunk crashed down to Donghyun on the lower bunk
20. Youngmin had his MC debut on June 18th, 2011 on MBC Show! Music Core alongside member Kwangmin, T-ara’s Jiyeon, miss A’s Suzy and BEAST’s Doojoon and Yoseob in place for SHINee’s Onew and Minho
21. Youngmin was one of the back-up dancer dancing for K.Will pre-debutly
22. Youngmin said that it’s really hard to wake him up, he even sleep while standing
23. “YoungMin’s moves are really slow, everyone else has to wait for him.” -Donghyun
24. Youngmin wants to be the type of boyfriend that is serious when the situation is serious and be funny when joking
25. Youngmin wants to sing for his girlfriend after giving her a flower
26. Youngmin only gets up to change or get ready when he is called by Minwoo
27. All the Boyfriend members chose Big bang as their role model, but Youngmin chose DBSK
28. Young Min is a very sensitive guy, he cried if he made a mistake and he won’t be able to forgive himself
29. According to Min Woo, Young Min once went missing during practice time. They searched for him for almost an hour. Eventually, they found him asleep on the toilet seat due to over crying.
30. Youngmin is usually either lost or just tired
31. Youngmin was one of the characters acting in KBS “All My Love” along with members Kwangmin and Minwoo
32. Youngmin appeared in SISTAR’s debut MV “Push Push” along with members Donghyun and Kwangmin.
33. The twins sleep at the same time and in the same position
34. Youngmin hobby is not dressing up as a girl
35. Youngmin would like Donghyun to be his boyfriend if he was a girl
36. Youngmin likes a movie called “해운대”
37. The twins have a younger brother who is younger by 2 years
38. Youngmin respects Naul sunbaenim, he hopes to be like him one day
39. Youngmin’s dream used to be a Detective, but he’s slowly influenced by his dad, who loves music. He slowly love music too, then changed this dream to become a singer
40. Youngmin and Kwangmin don’t fight as much. If they do, they would just talk back to each other nicely or crack some jokes and they’ll be fine
41. Once, Youngmin fell from a swing and cried, so Kwangmin had to replaced Youngmin’s photoshoot
42. Youngmin spends his free time listening to music and sleeping
43. Youngmin wants to try to act as the type of a charismatic person, a truthful like that
44. When Youngmin was a trainee under JYP, he practiced with 2PM sunbaenim.
45. Youngmin’s Idol is his vocal teacher, Jang Jin Young.
46. “We feel guilty towards our fans especially when they wait for us on the side of the road eventhough the weather is really bad. Our hearts ache.” -Youngmin
47. Youngmin and Kwangmin are said to be SS501 Kim HyunJoong’s look-a-like
48. Youngmin was casted for the role of the younger Jang Dong Gun in “Warriors Way”
49. “Youngmin is easy-going and smooth” -Hyunseong
50. According to Donghyun, even back then the twins had different hair colours
51. 2PM’s Taecyeon once pulled the twins together on stage of KBS Music Bank when 2PM won an award – 2PM’s Taecyeon is the closest with the twins
52. The twins like to eat grapes (cr: Shereen_Aki @ Weibo via boyfriend-champion)
53. Once, Youngmin was too lazy to take wait for the elevator, he decided to just run up the stairs – in their company building (cr: Shereen_Aki @ Weibo via boyfriend-champion)
54. According to fans, the twins owns an iPad – and even stuck their names onto it so they wouldnt get mixed up (cr: Shereen_Aki @ Weibo via boyfriend-champion)
55. Once, a girl who had a crush on Youngmin confessed to Kwangmin in mistake (cr: BoyfriendFanB @ Twitter)
56. The twins share the same bunk bed with Youngmin on the top bunk and Kwangmin on the lower bunk.
57. The role Youngmin would want to try out in a movie is, “I’d like to try an action movie’s type of acting, I’ll challenge the role of a charming and good-looking man.”
58. Youngmin’s ideal girl is “someone who likes to do a lot of aegyo.”
59. Youngmin said if he would be a girl for a day, he would hang-out.
60. When asked in an interview, “If you can become invisible, what would you do? You can only pick one thing!”; Youngmin’s answer was, ” I’ll scare people from behind.” (46-50, cr: boyfriend-champion)
61. Youngmin gets angry when others think he is younger that Kwangmin (cr:
62. When asked about how to relieve stress, Youngmin said he doesnt know a proper way but Youngmin suggest that it’s good to open up and let the feelings out even if you have to shed some tears. [Elle Girl Interview]
63. Youngmin chooses SNSD’s Taeyeon as his favorite female idol. [Elle Girl Interview]
64. Youngmin picked Donghyun as a member he would want to date if he was a girl. [Allkpop Interview]
65. Youngmin picked his eyelashes as the most attractive part of his body because people told him so and Jeongmin agreed by saying that eyelashes are really long. [Allkpop Interview]
66. During an interview for Allkpop, when Minwoo stood up, Youngmin sneakily pulled his chair back and when Minwoo wanted sat down on the original spot, he stumbled.
67. All of the members (excluding Jeongmin) picked Youngmin as the laziest member. Youngmin later explained that he doesnt feel that but in regards to sleep, sometimes he doesnt even know if he’s awake or not. [Allkpop Interview]
68. Youngmin spends an hour to wash himself. [Allkpop Interview]
69. In 2012, Youngmin hope to get rid of his laziness. [Allkpop Interview]
70. When the twins are alone, the can’t even say a single word to each other. [W Academy]
71. At first, Youngmin did not include Kwangmin in the ‘family (members)’ column form for the W Academy admission. [W Academy]
72. Youngmin sleeps on the top bunk [W Academy]
73. For W Academy’s UCC Mission 2, Youngmin took a video of goldfishes and not show his face at all. [W Academy UCC Mission 2]
74. Youngmin said that smokey make up (for JANUS promotion) is hard to remove, but he still like it anyways [@star1 Magazine: facts 74-76]
75. Youngmin picked Noel as the sunbae he wants to work with
76. Youngmin’s ideal girl is cute and sexy. But not those who act cute but the girls that are originally cute.
77. Youngmin would want to buy a house and a Korean car for his parents
78. Youngmin’s ideal type is Kim Ah-Joong sunbaenim {77-78 from DongA interview}
79. In Boyfriend, only Donghyun, Jeongmin, Youngmin and Minwoo have dating experiences in the past. {from Beatles Code 2 article trans by}

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