Join Us!

Be a BoyFriend AUS Staff Member!

We are currently looking for new staff members that can update BF AUS Official Sites with BoyFriend updates, someone who works hard and contribute a lot to the BF AUS Community. It is preferred that you are currently residing in Australia, though you can still apply even if you’re from another country. Experience is not required, we can teach you (except for translators).

Open Positions

  • Translator: Translating articles, interviews, tweets etc. to english
    Requirements → Fluent/knows sufficient Korean, Japanese, or Chinese, have access to BF’s Fancafe (preferred, you can still apply even if you do not have one)
  • Graphic Designer: Creates promotional poster to promote BF AUS, creates banner for BF AUS Official sites to fit the occasion (ie. Boyfriend’s 3rd Anniversary, Boyfriend comeback)
    Requirements → Have basic or advanced knowledge about Photoshop and other photo editing software, creative, knows how to operate wordpress.
  • Admin: Updating BF AUS Official sites with BF Updates, promoting BF AUS, communicating with other Bestfriends Requirements → Always updated with Boyfriend, have basic knowledge about Social Media platforms, hardworking, diligent, friendly
  • Photo Uploader: Upload scans, official photos etc, post links to fansites to see/share fantaken photos. (Uploading fantaken photos directly on BF AUS accounts creates many risks)
    Requirements → Knows BF Fansites and various Bestfriends who distributes fantaken photos and scans of Boyfriend
If you are interested in any of these positions, please fill in the form below, and leave it in the comment box or email it to if you desire privacy. We will confirm your application through email.

Name: Age: 
Nationality: Where do you live (country-for those who live outside Australia):
Language(s) you know (optional):
twitter/tumblr/email (for communication purposes):
Occupation (student, college etc):
Position you are applying for:
Any experience? (If yes, link your works to us)
How often can you post updates (translators, admin and photo uploader applicants ONLY):
Things you want to say to us:
We hope a lot of you will join the team! Cheers~
-BoyFriend AUS Staff

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