Lee Jeongmin (이정민)


Real Name: Lee Jeongmin (이정민, イ・ジョンミン, 李正珉)
Nick Name : Mirror Prince, Very Short
Position: Lead Vocalist
Birthday: January 2, 1994
Blood Type: B
Height/Weight: 173cm/60kg
Star Sign: Capricorn
Family : Parents, Older Brother, and Older Sister
Birth Place (Home) : Gyunggido, Su-won
Education Background : Sookji High School (Gyunggido, Su-won)*change school, Seoul Music High School (Seoul, Jeonggu)
Specialties : Piano, guitar, composing songs, playing musical instruments in general
Training period: 1 Year

Facts & Quotes

01. According to Minwoo, Jeongmin looks at the mirror all the time except when he’s sleeping therefore earned the nickname “Mirror Prince”
02. Jeongmin is the shortest member in BoyFriend
03. Jeongmin is the only member that didn’t received support from his parents to pursue his music career, Jeongmin had to prove his talent to his parents before getting their consent. He personally entered in a song festival and brought an award home and then his parents gave him a chance to pursue a singing career.
04. Jeongmin was once said to be actor Yoo Seungho look-a-like
05. Jeongmin has 5 favorite colors
06. Jeongmin had only watched the “Goblet of Fire” out of all the Harry Potter series
07. Jeongmin’s role-model is said to be G-Dragon of Big Bang.
08. Jeongmin can play the piano very well, better than Donghyun
09. Jeongmin like playing drums
10. Jeongmin wants to be a romantic type of boyfriend
11. Jeongmin was a trinee for only a year
12. Jeongmin won a vocal award at a Youth festival before he debuted
13. Jeongmin’s first crush was in High School but he couldn’t bring himself to confess to her. Later on when Boyfriend freshly debuted, the girl appeared in front of Jungmin again. So he confessed to her and ask her to stay by his side.
14. Jeongmin’s favorite song is “Yesterday” by The Beatles
15. Jeongmin has an older sister and an older brother
16. Jeongmin likes a movie called “僕の初恋をキミに捧ぐ”
17. Jeongmin likes Lee Jeong sunbaenim. He is his mentor and he’s able to use meaningful words made into lyrics to touch every soul
18. Jeongmin’s dream is to be a singer
19. Jeongmin spends his free time listening to the music
20. “When I was a third year in middle school, a hyung of mine performed on the streets of Hongdae. I saw the performance and was dazed by the guitar and djembe sounds. I thought to myself, ‘Ahh~ That’s cool‘ and ‘I want to perform at a place like that‘. You know, street performances are up close and personal. You can be more intimate with your audience. I want to try a performance like that someday.” -Jeongmin
21. “…don’t forget to study and support Boyfriend.” -Jeongmin
22. Jeongmin is a 2nd year student studying music in Seoul.
23. Jeongmin’s hometown is in Suwon
24. Jeongmin claims himself to be in charge of “reaction” in BoyFriend, because when the members say something, I go “Ah~ really?”
25. Jeongmin once said that if anyone who touches his girl should be dead, in contrast to their song “Don’t Touch My Girl”
26. According to Minwoo, Jeongmin’s role in the group is he is the person that makes people feel that he is easy to get close with, and he has a lot of humor but it’s hard to know what he is thinking about in his heart.
27. Jeongmin said if he was a girl, he would date a guy.
28. For the recording of “Don’t Touch My Girl” music video, there is a scene where Jeongmin brushed the leading girl, actress Lee SeYoung’s teeth and it bled.
29. If Jeongmin were to play a role in a movie, he wants to be the role of a comedic person or a quiet musician.
30. Jeongmin’s ideal girl is ‘a girl who is charming, at the same time, he’d like it if she can communicate well with him and has a personality that is compatible with him’
31. “I am interested in musical instruments. I play the piano and guitar now. I think that playing and singing at the same time is very charming. It’ll be great if I get the chance to perform for the fans with my piano or guitar.” -Jeongmin (24-31, cr: boyfriend-champion)
31. Jeongmin admitted that he had his ear pierced {1,2,3}
32. To Jeongmin, the way for him to release stress is to either go shopping or listen to depressing/gloomy music. [Elle Girl Interview]
33. When asked about who their favorite female idol is, Jeongmin said he’d answer with playing “Rock, Paper, Scissors” [Elle Girl Interview]
34. Jeongmin picked himself as a member he would date if he was a girl with the reason he would want to know himself better. [Allkpop Interview]
35. Jeongmin picked his eyebrows as the part of his body that he likes the most because it is thicker compare to most people. [Allkpop Interview]
36. Jeongmin was the only person who picked himself as the laziest member in Boyfriend whereas everyone else picked Youngmin. [Allkpop Interview]
37. Jeongmin’s bed is on the lower bunk. [W Academy]
38. Jeongmin says he is the visual in Boyfriend. [W Academy]
39. According to Jeongmin, he has a positive mind eventhough the situation is poor [W Academy]
40. Jeongmin graduated from High School on Friday, 10th of February 2012 and also received a “Special Achievement Award”
41. Jeongmin education facts
42. While they were having their debut Japan showcase in early July, Jeongmin fell off stage and had to wear a cast on his right hand for around 3 weeks and fully recovered on July 21st
43. So far, Jeongmin has a total of 3 piercings on his ears. 2 on his left ear and 1 on his right ear.
44. Jeongmin admit that his eyes disappear when he smiles. However, because of their smokey make-up for JANUS, he said that even when he smiles, his eyes is visible so he likes the smokey make-up even though its hard to remove [@star1 Mag: facts 44-49]
45. When asked if Boyfriend has a specific favorite song from their JANUS Album, Jeongmin stated that he likes his solo ‘How Are You My Dear’, ‘Mystery’ and ‘Go Back’
46. Jeongmin picked Lee Juck of Panic as his role-model
47. Jeongmin and Hyunseong picked Big Bang’s TOP and G-Dragon as the sunbae they want to work with
48. Jeongmin wants to do a funky music in the future
49. Jeongmin said that he’s been listening to a lot of songs by One Direction nowadays
50. Jeongmin would like to give his parents a house in Seoul
51. “Honestly when we first debuted I really wanted to date, but being so busy it suddenly drifted into the back burner (laughs).” -Jeongmin
52. Jeongmin’s ideal types are The Little Mermaid and Lee Na-Young {50-52 from from DongA interview}
53. In Boyfriend, only Donghyun, Jeongmin, Youngmin and Minwoo have dating experiences in the past.
54. Jeongmin had a bitter dating experience, his first love was in 10th grade and the girl is a year older. However, she cheated on Jeongmin while they were still together and since then, Jeongmin started to distance himself from girls {53-54 from Beatles Code 2 article trans by rieona.tumblr.com}

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