Shim Hyunseong (심현성)


Real Name: Shim Hyunseong (심현성, シム・ヒョンソン, 沈賢星)
Nick Name : 
Shim Handsome (Shim Minam), Guinea Pig
Position: Main Vocalist
Birthday: June 9, 1993
Blood Type: B
Height/Weight: 178cm/58kg
Star Sign: Gemini
Family : Parents and Older Brother
Birth Place (Home) : Seoul, Gangnam (Nonhyun)
Education Background: Youngdong High School (Seoul, Gangnam)
Specialties: Singing, Drums
Training period: 1 Year

Facts & Quotes

01. Hyunseong cried for the first time infront of the member while reading the birthday messages given by his members
02. Hyunseong admits he eats a lot.
03. Hyunseong is very picky with money
04. Hyunseong was a drummer for a band when he was in 6th grade.
05. “When in the practice room, all 6 of us would sit in front of the mirror and practice to put on a cute face, until at the end we almost got high blood pressure” – Hyunseong
06. HyunSeong wants to be the type of boyfriend who has a nice heart and understanding
07. Hyunsung wants to compose a song especially for his girlfriend and sing it to her
08. For Mnet M!PICK’s mission Hyunseong sang to “Love Like Oxygen” by SHINee along with Donghyun and Jeongmin
09. “I saw someone play the drums when I was in elementary school, and I thought it was really cool and began pursuing music since then. My original dream was to become a drummer but I switched that in junior high to ’singer’, and began taking vocal lessons. In my third year of high school, I passed an audition and joined as a member of ‘Boyfriend’” – Hyunseong
10. Hyunseong was a trainee for only a year.
11. Hyunseong is not attending any school at the moment as he has just finished high school
12. Hyunseong was in one room with Donghyun and Minwoo in the dorm
13. Hyunseong has an older brother
14. Hyunsung likes Big Bang and their songs, he wants to follow their steps and produce music album just like them in the future
15. Hyunseong spends his free time watching TV and learning something new.
16. Hyunseong’s idol is K.Will sunbaenim.
17. Hyunseong was picked by Minwoo as the person with the most manly charm and he stated that Hyunseong is cool.
18. According to Minwoo, Hyunseong is quiet and he can be too innocent sometimes.
19. If Hyunseong were given an opportunity to pick a role of a character in a movie, he wants to try a character who is very loud and talkative.
20. When asked about Hyunseong’s ideal girl, he answered “I’d like a girl who can connect with me, and understand me.”
21. If Hyunseong were to be a girl for a day, he said he’s wear a dress.
22. “There was a scene in the MV where I had to shoot a ball into the basket. I don’t play basketball, so I had to practice for many hours.” -Hyunseong (17-22, cr: boyfriend-champion)
23. “My ideal woman is someone who is friendly and can understand me well. I think Bora noona is the most approachable. She takes care of her juniors.” – Hyunseong
24. Hyunseong’s favourite female idol is Brown Eyed Girls’ Jea [Elle Girl Magazine Interview]
25. All of the members (including Hyunseong himself) picked Hyunseong as the member who has changed the most from their 1st album up till their 3rd album. [Allkpop Interview]
26. If Hyunseong was a girl, he would pick Donghyun as the member he would date. [Allkpop Interview]
27. Hyunseong sleeps on the bottom bunk [W Academy]
28. Because of Hyunseong’s photo that was edited for the ranking in W Academy, it looks like he has no chin therefore developing the name “Chinless” as a nickname. [W Academy]
29. Hyunseong feels that he is the least known member in Boyfriend [W Academy UCC Mission]
30. Hyunseong dyed his hair blonde for “Love Style” promotions as well as their Japan debut
31. Around July 22nd, Hyunseong keeps a toy lion given by a fan and introduced it as his younger sibling
32. Donghyun and Hyunseong would usually be the ones waking up the members [@star1 Magazine: facts 32-37]
33. According to Donghyun, Minwoo wakes up the hardest and sometimes Hyunseong gets angry when waking him up
34. When asked if Boyfriend has a specific favorite song from their JANUS Album, Donghyun, Hyunseong and Jeongmin stated they like their own solo.
35. Hyunseong picked K.Will as his role models and said that he practices singing with a lot of K.Will’s songs. He picked “Tears are Dropping” as his favorite song by K.Will.
36. Jeongmin and Hyunseong picked Big Bang’s TOP and G-Dragon as the sunbae they want to work with
37. Hyunseong reveals his ideal type is Suzy of miss A
38. Hyunseong would like to gift his parents with money to buy everything their hearts desire.
39. “As I’ve never dated myself, I’ve sometimes asked how it feels like from Donghyun and Jeongmin who have experience in it.” -Hyunseong {38-39 from DongA interview}
40. Before training to be an idol, Hyunseong went to an boys-only Middle School and High School {from Beatles Code 2 article trans by}

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