Boyfriend AUS Staff


Staff Name: mirrorprince
Birthday: 23 July
Position: Founder, Main Admin
Boyfriend Bias: Jeongmin
Favourite artists: Starship Ent Artist, CNBLUE, Teen Top, EXO, BAP, BTS + many more~!
twitter/tumblr: @CHINee93 | mirrorprince940102
Other social media: instagram :thechinnyproductions



Hi^^ I’m Bea. I’m a kor-eng translator for, 0526subbing team and Boyfriend AUS. I self-studied Korean from 2010 till present. Often, my translations are posted on my tumblr acct so make sure you follow me for real-time BF translations! Though you can still check them out here 🙂 Nice to meet you all!

Staff Name: beatrooot/youngmineekkeo
Position: Admin, kor-eng translator, graphic designer (for now)
Boyfriend Bias: Youngmin
Favourite artists: STARSHIPent artists, 2ne1, SNSD, etc etc.
twitter/tumblr: @beatrooot | youngmineekkeo
Other Social media: youtube (dance covers) – Beyah06

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