[FB] 151202 Starship Entertainment Facebook Update

Check out the #Starship_Planet PHOTO Rolling paper ver. 📝😍 Let’s get ready to be melted with listening to the song ‘Softly’ ❄

스타쉽 가족들에게 마음과 사랑을 꾹꾹 눌러 담은 #스타쉽플래닛 롤링페이퍼 버전 공개📝😍 #사르르 들으면서 올 겨울 추위를 #사르르 녹여보세요❄ #숨겨진_깨알재미😆

#STARSHIP_PLANET Rolling paper版本照公开! 听着歌曲 #Softly 消除这个冬天所有的寒冷吧 ❄

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[TRANS] 150212 Youngmin Personal Twitter Update

 @BOYF_YM After watching the music video, the day we did the filming came across my mind again It was a fun filming day with everyone gathered together~~ Since we’ve also filmed the MV excitingly, please watch it with fun^^ Though Donghyunnie hyung couldn’t take the photo with us because he went to filmㅠㅜ… #StarshipPlanet #StarshipCarol #Softly

trans: youngmineekkeo/@beatrooot | source: boyf_ym
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